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Now available in my workshop!

From Australia to Scotland !!

As bow maker and bow restorer, and you know my high quality rehairs and how accurate is my horse hair selection is, I highly recommend this beautiful hand made bespoke rosin to all my customers and to any musician. This is the real connection between your nice bow, your high quality rehair and your instrument. The sound's quality will highly improve and the sound achieved will be different depending on a 'crisp' or 'mellow' rosin used.

The magician who makes this, by hand, one by one, is Andrew Baker in Australia, NSW.

Six different recipes !!  All six kinds of rosins are avilable to try in the workshop, by appointment.

Andrew can also make a different bespoke rosin, reflecting the musician's needs.

Free first class Royal Mail shipping available.

                                                                                                                                                                 Alessandra Paradiso

Choosing the right rosin

Supple and Crisp

available for Violin, Viola and Cello

        and Baroque intruments

The distinct characteristics of Leatherwood Rosin can make a significant contribution to the quality of sound and playability of your current set-up when using the blend that optimizes the innate qualities of your instrument and bow as well as your playing style.

For further infos, videos and details please check


A decisive attack, firm traction and crisp sautille;

this recipe creates an undeniably forthright sound through a glassier texture.


A warm and softer sound, consistent traction that feels velvety and rich;
this recipe maintains a reliably sharp attack on the string.

Baroque Intruments

Available on request

Buy your Leatherwood rosin directly from Alessandra ParadisoBows, Edinburgh.

Leatherwood Rosin's baroque instrument blends are available for:

  • Baroque Violin / treble viol

  • Baroque Viola / tenor viol / viola d'amore

  • Baroque cello / bass viol

  • Violone (Bass Supple Blend)

Specially formulated for gut strings; a gentle but clean attack, while smoother traction, allows the string to resonate freely with maximum clarity.

Baroque rosin makes a bright, clear sound with a feeling that the bow is quicker on the string and makes it easier to play fast with more clarity. The smoother traction allows the string to be played with more intensity without distortion and also reduce the ‘squeak’ often encountered with using modern rosins on gut.

With a baroque bespoke blend, the initial attack can be increased, and the traction thickened (made stickier) for use on thicker strings.

Buy your Leatherwood rosin directly from Alessandra ParadisoBows, Edinburgh

Choose your Rosin 
+44 (0) 787 329 5179

All six recipes ara available to buy in my workshop in Edinburgh.

All kinds of rosins are £65,00 each, usually it lasts from 2 to 3 years.

First class royal mail free UK shipping .

You can call me or contact me by email:

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