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Bow maker and restorer

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Each bow is handled with lot of care as a unique piece of art.

To provide very high rehairs levels, Alessandra only uses the best highest quality mongolian stallion horse hair, selected one by one for each single rehair.

All bows rehairs, repairs and restoration are personally done by Alessandra, always to the highest standard.

Alessandra is happy to discuss any questions regarding your bow.

Same day rehair available on appointment.

Special delivery with insurance available.



       Excellent Professional rehairs

       Vegan rehairs

       New lappings ( solid silver, fine english whale bone imitation )

       New leather or lizard thumb band

       New mammuth or bone tips

       New mother of pearl eyes and slides

       Sticks, frogs, heads repairs and restorations


Bow restorer Edinburgh


Examples of wear on bows

Our work

Please feel free to contact me for anything concerning your bow, I'll be pleased to help you.


+44 (0)787 329 5179

12/2 James Street,  EH15 2DT  Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

Thank you for contacting me.Your message has been successfully sent.You will receive an answer as soon as possible.

Wear of stick at thumb position
Pearl eye to be changed
Ebony to be restored
Pearl slide to be changed
Ivory frog needs new pearl eye/clean

Alessandra graduated from the Bow Making School of Cremona, Italy,

in year 2000 as Master Bow Maker. Trained in the next few years as Bow Maker and Restorer in Italy and France.

In 2008 she joined Alex Grant violin restorer in Melbourne, Australia, as bow restorer and repairer.

She had collaboration with Lennox Holt, world renowed australian restorer and antique bows expert.

Since the end of 2008, Alessandra worked independently as bow maker, restorer and repairer in Italy and Switzerland.

In 2015 she joined Stringers of Edinburgh as professional bow restorer and repairer, taking care of all customers bows.

In summer 2016 she started working independently in her own workshop in Edinburgh.

Alessandra works with the main Scottish orchestras, like RSNO, BBC, Scottish Ballet, Scottish Opera, Scottish Chamber Orchestra.

Chamber musicians and soloists, as well as various important Folk players, teachers, students and amateur players. Always taking care of valuable bows.

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